Interested in investing in the mining sector in China? This is how we can help you

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Our extensive experience in the mining sector in China places us at the forefront of the industry. And that is why we offer a competitive advantage for the mining sector. Given today’s globalization, and thanks to technological advances, increasing regulation and fluctuating markets, exploration and mining face more complex challenges than ever in which it will undoubtedly need a commercial ally. To

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Learn all about the construction services of BM Consulting

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The construction industry has always been complex and competitive . Whatever construction business you are working in, you will gradually realize that large-scale construction is a combination of many smaller projects, which translates into a multitasking activity in its own right. That is why you need an ally like BM Consulting to take care of this entire process. Today we

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What you should know about the mining sector inspection service in China

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These quality control inspections of the mining sector in China are an essential part of the process of buying, selling and exporting minerals and their concentrates; since these provide our buyers with the knowledge that their order is supervised by experts, and this allows to give conformity and that the process of sampling, determination of moisture content, preparation of quality

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Learn about our main functions within industrial manufacturing

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At BM Consulting we have international personnel trained in engineering issues that contribute positive and effective aspects to the project through the protection, integrity and reliability that they provide throughout the process. We support you in your management. Industrial manufacturing encompasses a great diversity within the commercial environment, since it covers machinery, vehicles, the pharmaceutical sector, among others. The subject

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Everything you need to know about importing industrial products

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There are technological solutions for various industrial applications and needs, using equipment and machinery that working together help the food, agricultural, chemical, oil or general industries. The factories in China provide technology to many companies worldwide, with different solutions of modern machinery or automated turnkey production lines, in addition to giving a guarantee of 1 to 2 years and permanent

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Tips for your business in China: The importance of factory inspections

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Industrial manufacturing encompasses a great diversity within the commercial environment, since it covers machinery, vehicles, the pharmaceutical sector, among others. The subject of manufacturing can become a complicated subject because it carries a great responsibility in the fact that it needs attention and requires compliance with certain aspects and laws such as quality, safety and health. Many times these laws

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Knowing the Canton Fair

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One of the Important Recommendations on How to Import from China Safely is to Make a Business Trip and Participate in the Fairs that take place in that country. This with the purpose of establishing a Commercial relationship with the possible supplier, in addition to knowing the facilities of your factory and / or learn about new products that are

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4 Important aspects to keep in mind if you want to make an import

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Carrying out an Import of Goods implies taking into account many factors so that your product reaches its destination in the shortest possible time, with the lowest import cost and allows you to obtain better economic income and have a quality product that meets the needs of the consumer. Remember that if you are importing merchandise from another country, Time

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These are the main ports in China

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It is important to know the Main Ports Located in China in order to be able to ship your merchandise in the nearest Port and thus save time and save money. Normally when doing business with Chinese suppliers, these in the Quotation stage indicate the commercial conditions and the port or airport of shipment of the merchandise. It is very

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