4 Important aspects to keep in mind if you want to make an import

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Carrying out an Import of Goods implies taking into account many factors so that your product reaches its destination in the shortest possible time, with the lowest import cost and allows you to obtain better economic income and have a quality product that meets the needs of the consumer. Remember that if you are importing merchandise from another country, Time is an Important Value to save Money. Here are 4 important aspects to keep in mind if you want to get involved in the World of Imports:

1.- Use Common Sense.

If a supplier offers you a fairly competitive price, try to quote with more than 2 suppliers in order to determine the market value of the products you are about to import.

2.- Dedicate Time and Follow-up to Your Import.

It is important that when making an International Purchase, someone expert dedicates all the Necessary Time to carry out the Follow-up and Logistic Control of your Import, and we take care of this at BM Consulting. This will guarantee you the peace of mind and confidence that your merchandise will arrive at your warehouses on the planned day.

3.- Research.

It is part of doing the Import work, since you cannot venture to bring a product if you have not previously investigated your market, your competition, the price, the product, the supply and demand, external aspects among others. Spend all the necessary time to carry out a deep investigation (Commercial Intelligence), this will guarantee you a good purchase and therefore a good rotation of your product.

4.- Prepare an Adequate Marketing and Marketing Plan.

It is useless to import a Quality product in the shortest possible time with the lowest Import Cost if you have not previously carried out your Strategic Marketing Planning. It is important to carry out a Pre-Sale work before the arrival of the Product, this will ensure a successful Marketing and therefore a greater Product Rotation.

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