Everything you need to know about factory audit in China

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When embarking on a project in China, buyers often focus their attention on the product and everything that surrounds it: product quality, production times, customization… the list of options can be endless. Everything you need to know about factory audit in China: Of course, all of them are points to take into account so that our business can get ahead

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Tips for negotiating with suppliers in China

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China is considered the factory of the world and finding someone to make what we need is relatively easy, however difficult it is to find the right one. Buying seems very simple; try to find the correct supplier that produces exactly what we are looking for and at the most convenient price. The rest we assume is adjusted to international

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8 reasons to hire consulting services in China

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World trade with China has grown exponentially in recent years. With us you will have direct access to verified and reliable factories and suppliers throughout China without the need for intermediaries from abroad that have excessive costs. For this reason, we present 8 reasons why to hire Consulting services in China. 1. We help you to negotiate directly with the

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China Engineering Inspection Services

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China Inspection Service and Project Management China engineering inspection services.- Industrial manufacturing encompasses a wide range of activities within the commercial environment, because it covers everything from engineering, procurement or supply, development and manufacturing, and to quality assurance and control activities, combined with pre-dispatch monitoring. The fabrications cover many fields from machinery, industrial equipment, vehicles, pharmaceutical sector, steel structures, among

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