What you should know about the mining sector inspection service in China

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These quality control inspections of the mining sector in China are an essential part of the process of buying, selling and exporting minerals and their concentrates; since these provide our buyers with the knowledge that their order is supervised by experts, and this allows to give conformity and that the process of sampling, determination of moisture content, preparation of quality samples is carried out in accordance with international standards for the certification.

At BM Consulting we offer consulting services at an international level on industries in the mining sector and the selection of specialized technical personnel. We provide a wide range of technical profiles and technical inspection services specialized in the mining sector.

We have:
• Multidisciplinary staff with extensive experience in the sector.
• Experience with clients from all over the world.
• Strategic alliances with specific entities in the sector that give us a competitive advantage at an international level.
• Compliance with quality control standards recognized throughout the world.
• Adoption of the best international practices.

It must be taken into account that the mining industry started the year on a very good footing, and the researchers and authorities of the various portfolios agree that mining will be one of the fastest growing sectors during the year 2021, being this driven by mining projects of It will not be possible to carry out a great deal during 2020, and it will also be a sector that will contribute significantly to the generation of jobs.

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