Tips for negotiating with suppliers in China

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China is considered the factory of the world and finding someone to make what we need is relatively easy, however difficult it is to find the right one. Buying seems very simple; try to find the correct supplier that produces exactly what we are looking for and at the most convenient price. The rest we assume is adjusted to international trade standards and that the industries respect it.

The Chinese case is not so easy, since the selection of the supplier is important but it has cultural and language barriers.

Most common ways to find providers:

– Internet:
– Trade and industrial fairs.
– Government programs or offices, etc.

They are very useful but it is not enough to know which one is correct and that it represents all our interests.

The value of a strategic partner like BM CONSULTING:

  • The true value is seen when facing the difficulties inherent in the distance. Having an ally is justified and acquires value when it has the following characteristics and advantages.
  • Constant communication: it makes it easy for us to communicate with the supplier, by representing their interests and requirements or concerns.
  • Support in place: it is extremely useful in the job of selecting and verifying the seriousness, authenticity and experience of the provider.
  • Multiple options and speed in decision-making: it provides the opportunity to know only one option but several, whether small or large purchases, and also facilitates decision-making in the event of unexpected changes.
  • Greater negotiation capacity: it is your executive-negotiating arm with Chinese suppliers, being present and knowing and being from the same culture.
  • Quality verification and inspection: it helps us to control that everything goes according to plan and minimize the risk of carrying out operations without having accurate information.
  • Cost-benefit analysis: For all this and more, it is totally justified to have a good ally taking into account that the cost of having one is less than the cost of failure of the purchase order and loss of the transaction.As BM Consulting, we are committed to being that partner you need in China.

We are your strategic business ally, safe and reliable.

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