Learn all about the construction services of BM Consulting

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The construction industry has always been complex and competitive . Whatever construction business you are working in, you will gradually realize that large-scale construction is a combination of many smaller projects, which translates into a multitasking activity in its own right. That is why you need an ally like BM Consulting to take care of this entire process. Today we

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Knowing the Canton Fair

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One of the Important Recommendations on How to Import from China Safely is to Make a Business Trip and Participate in the Fairs that take place in that country. This with the purpose of establishing a Commercial relationship with the possible supplier, in addition to knowing the facilities of your factory and / or learn about new products that are

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4 Important aspects to keep in mind if you want to make an import

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Carrying out an Import of Goods implies taking into account many factors so that your product reaches its destination in the shortest possible time, with the lowest import cost and allows you to obtain better economic income and have a quality product that meets the needs of the consumer. Remember that if you are importing merchandise from another country, Time

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These are the main ports in China

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It is important to know the Main Ports Located in China in order to be able to ship your merchandise in the nearest Port and thus save time and save money. Normally when doing business with Chinese suppliers, these in the Quotation stage indicate the commercial conditions and the port or airport of shipment of the merchandise. It is very

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Everything you need to know about factory audit in China

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When embarking on a project in China, buyers often focus their attention on the product and everything that surrounds it: product quality, production times, customization… the list of options can be endless. Everything you need to know about factory audit in China: Of course, all of them are points to take into account so that our business can get ahead

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Tips for negotiating with suppliers in China

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China is considered the factory of the world and finding someone to make what we need is relatively easy, however difficult it is to find the right one. Buying seems very simple; try to find the correct supplier that produces exactly what we are looking for and at the most convenient price. The rest we assume is adjusted to international

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8 reasons to hire consulting services in China

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World trade with China has grown exponentially in recent years. With us you will have direct access to verified and reliable factories and suppliers throughout China without the need for intermediaries from abroad that have excessive costs. For this reason, we present 8 reasons why to hire Consulting services in China. 1. We help you to negotiate directly with the

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