What you should know about the mining sector inspection service in China

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These quality control inspections of the mining sector in China are an essential part of the process of buying, selling and exporting minerals and their concentrates; since these provide our buyers with the knowledge that their order is supervised by experts, and this allows to give conformity and that the process of sampling, determination of moisture content, preparation of quality

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Learn about our main functions within industrial manufacturing

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At BM Consulting we have international personnel trained in engineering issues that contribute positive and effective aspects to the project through the protection, integrity and reliability that they provide throughout the process. We support you in your management. Industrial manufacturing encompasses a great diversity within the commercial environment, since it covers machinery, vehicles, the pharmaceutical sector, among others. The subject

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Everything you need to know about importing industrial products

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There are technological solutions for various industrial applications and needs, using equipment and machinery that working together help the food, agricultural, chemical, oil or general industries. The factories in China provide technology to many companies worldwide, with different solutions of modern machinery or automated turnkey production lines, in addition to giving a guarantee of 1 to 2 years and permanent

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